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Training of unrivaled quality and sustainability, locally and internationally. The result: Your employees speak the "same language", even if they are trained in different languages.

Training & Coaching

Rupert Seewald is a co-founder and partner of Hansen Beck. For you, this means more than 300 years of collective experience from experts in 25 countries on 5 continents. Due to the common development, advancement, and quality assurance you profit from the highest, consistent, common standards and best quality training programmes.

We believe that there is a hidden potential in every human being, that is waiting to be activated. Our training and coaching will enrich the professional as well as the private lives of your employees. An effect that will ripple throughout your organisation and positively impact your customers, partners and of course your results.


Your value from our training

Instant implementation

Individual insights are gained in our training through conscious experience and intense practice. Thanks to real-life examples and our methodology, key learnings can be put into practice instantly, starting from day 1.

Immediate effectiveness

Our participants learn about themselves and the effects they have on their surroundings. This enables them to increase their personal influence - for their own, good and for the good of your organisation.

Sustainable development

Our sessions alternate between training and practice which fosters the best possible transfer of knowledge. A sustainable development is achieved by defining concrete goals and assignments and following up on the learning process.

Motivated participants

How do we "awaken" and activate hidden potential in your employees? Everything we do empowers personal growth. This is what participants realise and that's what keeps their motivational level far above average.

Proven methodology

Hansen Beck training programmes are successfully being conducted in more than 25 countries, based on decades of experience.

Top results

Our practice oriented and fresh approach to optimise attitude, develop skills and to increase personal influence, enables people from one-man businesses, to global corporations to deliver above-average results.

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