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Rupert Seewald


As a Change Agent and Executive Coach, Rupert Seewald is dedicated to guiding individuals towards transformative changes with enduring impacts across leadership, sales, team development, and personal growth. Over two decades of hands-on experience spanning management, sales, and personnel development, ensures that his initiatives remain highly relevant and practical.

Rupert is dedicated to facilitating profound and lasting transformations for individuals and organizations alike. As the founder of Rupert Seewald GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Gustav Käser Training) and co-founder of Hansen Beck, he champions sustainable growth and empowers people to achieve more with less effort. Former participants and clients attest to the enduring value of Rupert's coaching and training, highlighting its long-term benefits that continue to positively impact their lives for years to come.
To further enhance sustainability, Rupert integrates holistic and actionable behavioural change into his innovative approach, bridging the digital and analogue domains. Since 2023, he has been setting new standards in software development in the areas of blended learning, conferencing, and e-learning. The pinnacle endeavour in this domain is COMMOVIS, an immersive learning experience platform poised to revolutionise the landscape of learning. Initially deployed by Hansen Beck on a global scale, its ultimate aspiration is to transcend boundaries and become the go-to solution for companies of all sizes seeking to foster sustainable positive behavioural changes and drive lasting organisational growth.

Roni Cesnjaj


With his international entrepreneurial experience and passion for change, he has specialized in transformation projects in the HR field over the past 15 years. His main concern is to enable organisations and individuals to unleash their full potential, both personally and professionally.
Roni brings profound knowledge of human behaviour, motivation, and self-development and enjoys integrating his coaching experience with the latest methods from the global Hansen Beck community. As a certified ICF Coach, he offers training in German, English, Slovenian, and Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian. His relentless commitment as a driver for change makes him a valuable member of the team aiming for long-term positive results for participants.


We support people to sustainably change their behaviour for the better and to reach more with less effort.


Our vision is to show everyone we come into contact with, through conscious experience, the following: Firstly, that the most powerful and effective tool they have, is the one they have known for the longest time: themselves. Secondly, that it's therefore worthwhile to get to know themselves even better and to work on themselves in order to unleash and live their full potential for their own well-being, the well-being of their company, and their surroundings.

You don't need eyes to see.
You need vision.

(Maxwell Frazer)

Hansen Beck

As a member of Hansen Beck, we are part of a large, international community. This means that we can offer all our programs not only internationally but also in the respective national language. A selection of our trainers in 25 countries:


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